What are beacons, and what do they do?

Beacons are small Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) transmitters. Apps installed on your mobile listen out for the signal transmitted by these beacons and respond accordingly when the phone comes into range. It’s a new way to provide location-based services without the need for an Internet connection.

At each waypoint, the beacon will send a signal to your phone to open information relevant to the surrounding area. You can also manually find the information for each waypoint in the app.

How close do I need to be to get the signal?

It varies at each waypoint, but generally between 10-50 meters. If you think you’re at a waypoint but don’t receive a signal, keep in might that objects such as sheds or rocks might interfere with this, so move slightly to try and get a better one.

What do the beacons look like?

They are in a small box, mounted on the posts such as those marking the Raad ny Foillian footpath. Please do not touch them - the value is about £20 and they can’t be used for other purposes.

The Route

Using the App

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It’s starting to rain. Is there shelter on the path?

The Old Cafe at The Chasms (waypoint 7) is approximately halfway, and a good place to take shelter. There’s also the Sound Café at waypoint 18, if you’re near the end of your walk, and plenty of places to shelter in Port St Mary if you’re near the start.

Can I bring my dog?  

Yes – but be aware that some of the route crosses sheep fields, so dogs need to be kept under control.

Can I go by bike?

Much of the path is unsuitable for bikes, so you won’t be able to complete the trail if you’re cycling. However, you can still access the beacons at Port St Mary, Kallow Point, and the Sound if you’re out for a ride around these areas.

What do I do in an emergency?

If you get into difficulties around the coastline or at sea and require assistance, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

How do I know where to go between waypoints?

The route follows the Raad ny Foillan coastal path, so look out for the blue and white Raad ny Foillan signs on posts.


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I can’t find the next waypoint.

It could be that your phone has missed the signals from the beacon. Check the images on the app and see if you can recognise where you are, and where the beacon is located (the text for each waypoint also includes details of this). If you still have problems receiving the signal, manually select the waypoint – you’ll still be able to access all the same information. 

I can’t hear anything when I click "play audio".

Have you tried increasing the volume? For better and easy listening we recommend using a headset or earphones.

I'm getting a language that I don’t understand - it says "Gaelg".

This is Manx Gaelic - an important part of the island's culture and heritage. If you want to try to pick up a few words, compare it to the audio track in English.

My app isn’t loading properly.

Try downloading it one more time. Delete the old one before uploading the new, and make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi when you first install the app. If you’re still having problems, please contact our technical support team at

I don't have mobile data on my phone. Will I be able to use the app?

Using beacons means that the app will work offline, so once you have downloaded the app to your phone using a Wi-Fi connection at home, the app will then access the beacons out on the walk as you reach each waypoint. You won’t have to use your mobile data, and signal will not be an issue either!

I’m visiting the Island so my phone isn’t connected to a Manx mobile network. Will I still be able to use the app?

Once you have downloaded the app to your phone using a Wi-Fi connection you won’t need access to a network – just make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone, and you’ll be able to receive the signal from the beacons. If you get to the start of the walk and haven’t downloaded the app, look for free Wi-Fi at the cafés in Port St Mary or at The Sound Café. 

When will the app be available to smartphones with other operating systems than Android and Apple?

There are no plans for other platforms at present.

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